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Universal Energy Update - April 2022

Each month I check in with the greater energies of The Universe to see what they have to say. Here's this month's heads up!

Energy Themes for April 2022

  • Be a part of the light, not apart from the light.

  • The rebirth of humanity rides on the energetic imprint of the Easter resurrection throughout 2022-2024.

  • Insanity will rise during this time. The gap between those accepting of the grander plan for consciousness and those unaware will begin to widen.

  • New ideas will flash into our thoughts. Get excited and get them down on paper!

  • Be generous in all ways you can, and delight in the knowledge you will be rewarded for doing so. Energy is the new currency.

  • Fall in love with the chaos. The more disruption, the more eruption of corruption.

  • Keep a watchful eye on the darker storylines. Keep informed to hold your power.



{Quick heads up – where CAPITAL LETTERS are used it is intentional to making their point known. This is not YELLING but a little mark of “Hey... see this… This is important!”}


(Channeled message from The Universe)

Light It Up

We persist again with the notion of light. It is the powerful, blinding force that is ever needed as humanity rises up against the forces of darkness. This should be a weekly reminder if you will. BE IN LIGHT. BE ENLIVENED BY LIGHT. BE A PART OF LIGHT – NOT APART FROM LIGHT. So, first up, hold your light firm and foremost this month and every month this year. You will need this tool in your artillery.

Rebirth Out of Resurrection

Secondly, we will delve into the undercurrent of the month. April is the time of religious breakthrough. The feast of Easter and all that it infers is the backdrop for which change is to be reined in. The message of Easter is one that a rebirth of life will occur. And so, it is in this lifetime that a rebirth of humanity is underway. This symbolic reference of rebirth is the powerful current in which all will flow in April.

The time of rebirth is NOW – in 2022-2024. It is within this time span the tipping point of human consciousness needs a new expression. It cannot hold sound in the knowledge of what was and seeks the knowledge of what is.

Separation of Saneness

During times of rebirth and regeneration in the eons past on both this planet and many others, the driving force that underpins it all is sanity. The sanity of souls is what sparks rebirth. When the mind becomes overburdened with the fallacies it faces, the sanity of a populace is subjected to this imbalance. And so, it becomes a catalyst of a rebirth. A realm that is forcing its way to be known.

Quick definition of Sanity:

1. Free from mental derangement; having a sound, healthy mind

2. Having or showing reason, sound judgment, or good sense

3. Sound; healthy.

INSANITY will be on the rise in the years to come. This is a residual impact of the rocking of the planetary force that holds light.

Those with BIG EYES will be able to see the ingeniousness of it all as it plays out. Those with hidden hands will be masked and manipulated into the belief of chaos as a primitive force on our planet. One that has settled in for the long haul.


Watch as the cracks begin to show in April. As the impact of rebirth is upon us, the separation of SANE and INSANE will be able to be seen widening.

Be still and silent in the aftermath of this separation. Words will be of little value at this point. Your light, love and wisdom will be what gets you through.

New Ideas Aplenty

As for the upside of April, we will see that an avalanche of ‘new ideas’ will begin to flow. The ice is melting of the top of the cliffs and down with it is the fresh, free-flowing waters of creation. Do not discount any ‘flash’ of greatness or insight that hits your mind in April. The time may not be right for its manifestation or physicality BUT the seed of knowing has made itself known.

Write down all the CREATIVELY, INSPIRED THOUGHTS for which the actions will come later. It all starts with an idea remember! A light-bulb moment.

Currency of Generosity

The generosity we will see in soul alignment across the planet will fire up in April. The opportunity to send aid, relief and good will to our fellow human mates is a spark of genius in and of itself. It will start the flow of currency – energy – across the world. The fiscal system of the New World – no order here!

And as the flow of your love brings into focus that which really matters in life, so will it spark the creative intellect of humanity. The cross-spread of love creates a woven fabric of divinity across the planet.

You will be favourably rewarded for the gifting and giving you offer to others in April. If not immediately, in the weeks, months and years to come. You may never know it, but we will :)

Love the Chaos

Remember, without the chaos that is surrounding you NONE of the climacteric change could be orchestrated. So, embrace the crazy, champion the chaos, be in awe of the mischief. All is as it should be. All is part of the awakening of self and soul. It is not without greatness at its core. Yes, rejoice in the calamity as counter intuitive as that may seem.

The more disruption, the more eruption of corruption.

Leave Space to See

In our final words for the month, we wish to express to leave yourself space to see. By turning off your awareness to the world you are within, you lose your power. We remind you to stay alert and switched on to the narratives that float around you. Stay conscious. Stay attuned to light and be wary of the dark. Keep your friend’s close and your enemies under a watchful eye. You do not want them closer, so we had to change that adage. But you do wish to have an understanding of their game plan.

April is about action and conflict. Be ready for both. It is also about the imprisonment of souls that are lounging around without intention of participating in the world game.

Be careful you have your bat and ball in hand. You don’t want to be end up on the bench.

Be still and sovereign dear ones. Be sweet.

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