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In the Now

The ideal starting point for most. It taps into the messages that are right for you in this moment, without any influence from your conscious thinking. Most likely to deliver the things you need to know, that you didn't know you needed!

Question Time

Do you have a current challenge or decision to make that you need  support and guidance with? This one is for you - put it out there and see what comes back. Available in 1, 2 and 3 question options.

Let me set the scene...

I feel very passionate about empowering people to find their own truth, along with their own answers. I believe we all have the inner strength and desire to create our own self-masterpiece; the ultimate 'game of life'.

But sometimes, we get stuck.

We need a helping hand to see our blind spots, at other times a pat on the back for a job well done. And of course, there are those times we all go through when nothing seems possible and we can't even see the trees, let alone fathom a forest!

What are

Personal Truth Channeled 


I've debated how to explain this. I don't want to alienate, nor assume and equally, I don't wish to label them 'psychic readings'.

For me, it's a quantum exchange. It's pure energy in its most splendid form. And it crosses all barriers – age, gender, nationality, religious and spiritual beliefs.

With just a few personal details, I can remotely connect in with your energy field (yes, we all have one and science agrees) and on to the page, streams the words you need to hear from your subconscious, higher self, guides, guardian angels, gods or gurus – whatever works for you!

All readings are delivered in a written format over email.

Choose from...

What Personal Truth Channeled Readings ARE NOT?

Don't expect all the specifics as to 'Who is my next boyfriend?', 'What are the lotto numbers?' and 'Can you detail my 10 year plan?'

Free will is a super power we all possess and grateful should we be for that. Being offered up 'all the answers' is like being jailed in Monopoly – do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars. You see, you miss out on all the potential opportunities in between.

Having finite answers does not teach us the value of being human, of choice, of circumstance, of suffering and of immense joy.

The gold is truly in the discovery - the self-discovery.

(albeit a little nudge in the right direction can't lead us astray!)

They aren't quick fixes...

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