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words by hayley

Grow into happy

Gain a fresh perspective and explore how to be happy with a Personal Truth Channeled Reading. It's a bit like having your own personal self-help book delivered to your inbox!

Sweet sentiments

I think your gift is quite different from the usual readings and I like having no involvement in the process as I feel this gives a truer reading. I have been trying to create abundance in various aspects of my life, but maybe I am going about it in a wrong way now thinking of the “wishing for a bowl of fruit instead of a banana analogy” from the writing.


Snapshot ~ Motivating

The writings resonated with me to the point where I had to go into retreat for a week to reflect on them. I had major insights, which will change the direction of my life. The writings made me feel a lot of unresolved emotions that were buried deep within and this was a good thing for me to process them. During this time, I had a lot of dreams which I paid attention to and had many synchronicities, as if my guardian angels were with me, and they still are.


Snapshot ~ Insightful

The writing made me feel insightful. It led me to reflect on the ways in which I view life - my past, present and future, and how I may be making errors in this regard. They made me feel hopeful for the future :)


Snapshot ~ Insightful

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