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Personal Truth Channeled Reading | In the Now
  • Personal Truth Channeled Reading | In the Now

Personal Truth Channeled Reading | In the Now


Personal Truth Channeled Readings are messages of higher guidance delivered through my connection to your personal energy field.


In the Now is the ideal starting point for most. It taps into the messages that are right for you in this moment, without any influence from your conscious thinking. Most likely to deliver the things you need to know, that you didn't know you needed!


You can expect your writing to be between 500-800 words.

  • All readings are unique and delivered based on my connection to the personal details you provide.


    What details do you need?

    Please complete the date of birth and current place of residence fields above and provide your full details at checkout. You are also welcome to provide a photo of yourself via email ( but this is not essential to the process. 


    When do I get my reading?

    All Personal Truth Channeled Readings are delivered in writing by email within 3-5 business days.


    Language Warning!

    I have no control over the words that come through. In many cases, there will be words that may trigger reactions in you, rustle up against your belief system, challenge you, scare you, anger you, confuse you! On occasion, specific words are used in ways that we don’t typically use them or we associate them with other ‘commonly accepted’ meanings.

    If a word seems to trigger a reaction in you, I would suggest reviewing its meaning in a dictionary to gain a birds eye perspective to the literal interpretation that the energies often bring through.


    What if I don't understand my reading?

    Don't stress, I'm here! I'm happy to offer you "my interpretation" of a sentence or word, on the basis you appreciate it is only my interpretation and the most powerful meaning will come from your own discernment. 

    If you want to delve a little deeper on a specific area, then you may wish to look at the Question Time products available in 1, 2 and 3 questions.


    What's NOT OKAY?

    You CANNOT purchase a reading for another person to gain insight into their personal life. You CAN purchase a gift voucher instead.  

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