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Guided Meditation | Open Your Third Eye - Higher Self Connection

Welcome to this meditation where you will be guided to connect and open into the centre point of your third eye and beyond into your higher self.

This technique has been channeled from the universal energies for your third eye awakening and activation. There is intentionally no music behind the meditation as directed. To read the full transcript click here.

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How To Open Your Third Eye

Meditation Transcript©

Welcome to this meditation where you will be guided to connect and open into the

centre point of your third eye.

Before we get started, I’d like you to drop any preconception of the traditional colours associated with the third eye charka. The universal guidance that I receive has directed for you to see your third eye, as your expression centre, your connection centre.

It is symbolic of your own DNA sequence of enlightened force.

As such, the colour or colours that may present during this meditation are entirely correct in this given moment of your own personal experience.

You will be guided in silence as the distraction of sound fuels the outer perception of reality, and here we must go inward.

It is time now that we move into our expansion. Time a moment, to calm the mind and turn off all devices. Allow yourself this short time of complete devotion to your development and connection.

Now, take in a deep, nourishing breath. And sigh out all heaviness from your day or night.

Breath in again, and visual the sweet sense of peace engulfing your body. And your mind.

Take one more, conscious breath and deeply relax.

Allow a vision of your whole being to enter your mind’s eye.

See this in detail. Notice your arms, your legs, face and torso. This miniature version of you takes up the entire space of your inner imagination.

Now, I invite you to zoom in to this figure. I ask that you to bring your attention to your heart space, in the centre of your chest. See this space beaming with energy… green and pink. Follow this flow of energy as a wheel of colour covers your chest. This is your focus point. Hold this vision until you feel peaceful in the heart of your own physical body.

Now, I’d like you to move your vision up toward your face and land your attention on your forehead, centred between your eyebrows. Become aware of an energy or light arising out from this point. An animation of colour sparking. Freely allow your mind eye to see any combination of colours that come to you. This is the magic of the third eye opening experience.

This spark of light and colour spreads out from the centre of your mind. It filters upwards from your forehead, permeating the empty space above your head. Now, this same energy cascades downwards, towards your feet – soaking into the ground or floor a metre below.

The light from your third eye now spins and spreads across and around your entire being. You feel encased by the light that has trickled forth from within the centre of your forehead. Euphoric radiance imbues your body.

I want you to sit in this feeling. Notice all the colours or colour in your vision, knowing the palette is unique to YOUR PERSONAL THIRD EYE awakening. YOUR CHAKRA IS DIVINELY ALIGNED TO YOUR SPIRIT AND SOUL CREATION.

This funnel of energy continues to feed from your forehead’s centre. Watch as it wraps and wraps itself around you, creating a vortex over your physical being.

Streaming down from above now, a golden light is filtering into vortex opening. It merges into your own colour palette. This golden light is your higher self aspect – longing to join the soul essence of who you are.

Your third eye is being activated by the combination and connection of your higher and lower self. It is feeding on the mantra – I AM SOUL, I AM SELF, I AM SOUL-FULL.

As your energy intake increases, you feel the pulsing of your heart space. The opening of the third eye is activating this centre seat of your consciousness.

This is the true enlightenment you seek. When your third eye, your heart space and your god-self or higher-self connect. This is magic, awakening.

Your third eye is more than its physical location in your body. It is a doorway. Allowing the energy imprint of your full consciousness to open throughout your entire being. This is omnipotence. This is BLISS.

I offer you to sit in this space and feel the purity of connection as you are supported by the energy that surrounds you.

When you feel it’s time to come back, see the energy pulled into your physical being from all directions and seed itself in within your third eye charka. Ready for the next time, you wish to actively work with this connection.

Understand your third eye is the channel between your higher self and your physical realm expression.

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