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Beginnings Of The Ponder

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I wanted to do things differently. Inertia is not difference but unbeknownst to me, it’s all I was offering...

I birthed The Ponder Perch four happy years ago. Every so many months, let’s say ‘with the seasons’at least that feels marginally aligned with the greater forces that be – that familiar ‘ping’ would sound, and I’d reluctantly prize open my blank but not nameless Facebook page, clicking anywhere to keep it active. My Faceless page one might say. A face with a name... but very little substance.

It was a trusty reminder that although nothing had changed I’d at least started something, hadn’t I?

Truth be told, inertia had set in and taken itself straight to the place where no man goes – literally no man, woman, child, cat nor caterpillar. A deathly silence of a quarterly ping on the backdrop of what was fast becoming a nostalgic past time of inactivity.

So, what triggered this recent turnaround?

Go Rate Your Life

My husband and I rated our seemingly contented life in all areas from love to career, intellect to adventure. Low and behold, when you take a moment to objectively sit and reflect, things surprise you.

It creeps up on you. The inertia I mean. It weaves its masterful way upon you, until you feel toasty under its flame. In its warmth, you don’t even see it coming.

When Life Has No Meaning

What does one do when confronted with a big, fat blob (and blog) of nothing? When you realise your life has taken on a meaning of 'no meaning'?

You stand up and cheer!

Become excited that you can see it. Know that the grim reaper of the heart is heralding the head, or is it the head heralding the heart, to move into motion before he comes and has his merry way with you, mid-way through all of life’s opportunities.

When we awaken to the notion that life has value, that it offers us a window for reflection, a life raft for salvation and a doorstep for walking into other worlds of wonder, we can consciously choose to engage.

Rating my life had hit me like a bowling ball, ricocheting around in my head with no escape down the gully. It would not stop and so I had no other choice – I had to take action.

Timing IS Everything

I’ve long held off writing publicly as I’d never felt certain that my internal dialogue would be accepted or understood on the outside. For years I’ve felt trapped conversationally.

How is it in your 20s you’ll tell all and sundry ‘how it is’, despite having only glimpsed the full picture? Undeniable conviction, no doubt nor shame in sharing your viewpoints. You preach with that effervescent, youthful quality of charm and chastity on life’s grand stage, standing on your young feet with confidence and full self-expression. How good did that feel... (and if you’re in your 20s now, enjoy it!)

Then you hit your 30s and you actually start to see it all, to feel it all. But it becomes an internal process. A time when you realise you know it ‘all’ in that precise moment but don’t for a second expect that this is it ‘all’. Wisdom is starting to settle in for the great ride of life. Building and building as each corner is turned. You’re becoming self-aware, selfish in the greatest sense of the word and suddenly self-propelled into searching for more meaning.

Now, as I enter my 40s I’d like to think that this is the decade of direction, renewed conviction and truth. It feels powerful, not egotistically so, just a grander version of my 30s, less selfish and more selfless. It’s time to make an impact for the greater good, be that for the many, your community, your family, or yourself.

So here it is. The Ponder Perch. The start of something bigger. Original content, with a spattering of supernovas and a sprinkle of inspirational thought starters.

It’s a place to ponder. I hope you enjoy.

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