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Universal Energy Update - August 2022

Each month I check in with the greater energies of The Universe to see what they have to say. Here's this month's heads up!

Energy Themes for August 2022

  • A teaching series where YOU are the main agenda. It's time to up-level and build a firm foundation of self-alignment.

  • RECONNECTION: Draw the line between the life you lead and the life you dare lead.

  • SELF-EXPLORATION: Guided meditation to explore ALL of who you are.

  • GRATITUDE: Do not underestimate its force, includes a cupful of gratitude exercise.

  • HONESTY: Be honest with yourself and give your attention to these questions.



{Quick heads up – where CAPITAL LETTERS are used it is intentional to making their point known. This is not YELLING but a little mark of “Hey... see this… This is important!”}


(Channeled message from The Universe)

The chaotic energy that has reigned supreme in the months of June and July will be taking a step back – a breather – under the lights of August.

The development of self is the MAIN AGENDA as we use the subtleness of sublime energy to gravitate ourselves toward the greatness that you all came here to unveil.


So, in doing this we ask that you take a moment to recollect and reconnect to self this month.

PRIORITY OF SELF IS KEY. It is incumbent on us to mention this as so often we are swept into situations that do not avail our souls. Now is the time to make a clear delineation between the life you lead and the life you dare lead.

This is your homework for August.

What is it that you wish to become? What is it that will feed and nourish your soul into the next millennium? What do you long to express and experience in the face of freedom of choice?

Write on this. Journal your desires. This is an imprint into the matrix of time-space that is being re-created at this juncture. Make sure you put your best foot forward. All your feet!!!


The second quality that we shall be focusing on in August is SELF-EXPLORATION. Humanity has the understanding they are here to live out the lives that have been born unto them. And this is TRUE ON ONE LEVEL. You did all choose to be borne into the lives that birthed you. But – you did also come down prepared to create. This is the tool so many of you take for granted. The hidden pathway home. So, this month, we ask that you take a deeper dive into the SELF and uncover the pockets of potential you bought with you.

Meditation Exercise

(Guided meditation will be available in one week)

Firstly, BE STILL in your own presence. Hold the focus on your body as a whole being in your mind’s eye. Feel into every corner – every toe, nostril, fingernail. The outer extremities of your form in space. Get familiar with the energetic stamp your body makes on the mat, chair, or bed.

Now, as you have established an internal knowing of all corners of your being, drop the body. Imagine your body melts away, vanishes, turns off its colour. Whatever works for your imaginative minds.

What is left? EXPLORE THIS.

This is self-exploration – leaving your body behind. What is within? Or is it outside? However you receive it. We want you to feel into this space. Do you see colour? Do you hear words? Do you feel the limitless expanse that you are or are you teeny, tiny spark of light? We want to know ALL THAT YOU FEEL IN THIS MOMENT.

Push the boundaries. Go to the outer limits of what is presenting to you and ASK TO SEE MORE. If you receive words, ask for sentences. If you feel your light, ask for fireworks.

Whatever you experience in this state, witness it and then push the button for more.

Self-exploration is fundamental to your ability to remember the foundations from which you were derived and what you arrived with. This is your signal training. We will work on this further in the weeks to come. For now, understand and explore the control centre shall we say.

Be out of your body, but in your being.


The third quality we wish for you each to explore in August is GRATITUDE.

We know some will say this has been done to death, but death is the reason not to be grateful any longer. The aspects of gratitude that are fundamental to a thriving human existence are both qualitative and quantitative. Quality of feeling is experienced when we are grateful for an occurrence in our world. The feeling is given as joy, thanks, honour or respect. The belief in self and others comes from the acknowledgment of gratuitous offerings. This feeling is powerful and emits waves of positive potential frequency from your control centre.

Without gratitude, your signal is duller can we suggest. Your reverberation of life remains closer to you and you have less reach. This is simplified physics but so your audience can ‘feel’ into this methodology.

The quantitative side to gratitude is the more you offer grateful feelings, the increased rate of return in which you will ‘manifest’ (ahem… create) grateful responses. This is measurable. It is the sum equation of output = input.

The complexity of the universe is simply frequency in balance.

The practice of gratitude will fuel your creative outlet and potential. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ITS FORCE.

This month – make the effort to be grateful for your life, your longevity, your lush locks, your love. All manners of gratitude need to fill your cup. We say – that’s a great idea!

A Cupful of Gratitude

Get a cup. Each day write down expressions of gratitude and place your pleasure parcels into your cup. At the end of the month, tip them out, fill the cup with your favourite liquid – we will not judge your choice – and take a pause in time to read through all the wonderful things you have been honoured with.

This process will provide you an EXTRA KICK in the love frequency coming back to you… we promise.

Think of it as a workout for your heart.


The fourth and final elixir for this month is … drum roll… BE HONEST.

This refreshing expression is often the hardest for humanity to grasp. And we do not mean the BIG FAT LIES. They are most obvious to control and contain. WE REFERENCE THE INTRICATE WHITE ONES THAT WEASEL THEIR WAY INTO YOUR MINDS, BURROWING DEEP.

We ask each and every one of you to BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. These questions need your attention:






And WHY? to all these questions.

This is your homing work quests for the month DEAR PUPILS. We love you and wish you the most gracious time of the year. Things are going to become a little more hectic. You’ll need to have built a good foundation of self-alignment to ride the storm.

With grateful tidings.

We bid you farewell.

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